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Word of God is like a two edged Sword. Three new courses have been started for the people who love the ‘Word of God’.

Ø      First is Bible Survey. Click here to download the volumes Volume-1 / Volume-4 / Volume-5

Ø      Second is Bible Doctrine. Click here to download the volumes Volume-1 / Volume-2 / Volume-4 / Volume-5

Ø      Third is Bible School. Click here to download the volumes Volume-1 / Volume-4 / Volume-5



  • Oldest city in world
  • Holiest city in Judaism & Christianity
  • Spiritual center of Jewish people since 1000 BC.
  • According to Psalm it is 3rd holiest city.
  • Capital of Israel.

Name of Jerusalem:

  1. SALEM: - means - whole, complete, Peace. At the time of Abraham ruled by Melchizedek (Gen 14:18)
  1. JERUSALEM: - This name is commonly used in Bible
  1. MORIAH: - means –chosen by lord. Abraham attempts scarifies of son Issac.
  1. ZION: - The city of David.
  1. JESUS: - Its Hebrew meaning –Trodden down in the old testimony. Jesus is the name of Canaanite fortress.
  1. ARIEL: - Its Hebrew meaning –Lion of God. It is the poetic name of God.
  1. City of David: - The name derived from King David the founder of city.


  • King David made Jerusalem the Capital of Israel over 3000 year ago.
  • On the east its border the deep Kidrone valley where the Gihon spring the city’s

Water source located.

  • Hezekiah tunnel present in the city (2 Chronicle 32:2-4,30)
  • Solomon build the Temple of God in Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 28:3, 1 King 5:20-25)
  • Water system of Jerusalem

* Gihon spring is the only source of water of the city emerges in the Kidrone valley east of the city of David. (2 Chronicle 33:14, 1 King 1:35).

* This area called in the Bible king’s garden (2 King 25:4, Jeremiah   

   52:7, Nehemiah 3:15).

*Water flows from the spring pool (John 9:7)

  • City is built on hill of hard Limestone


GENEALOGY OF JESUS (Matthew 1: 2-13)


Genealogy of Jesus is important because it tells that generation of Jesus was from Kings and so was a Royal Generation. We know this from David, the King of Israel, was also from His generation.

David was born after Abraham, but from the genealogy of Jesus we know that David was mentioned before Abraham. (2 Samuel 7: 12-18) God had given this word to David.

The Prophecy about a Saviour who will come from the tribe of David was not only known to the Pharisees and Sadducees but every one knew about it.

We can see this in Matthew 9:27- And when Jesus departed thence, two blind men followed him, crying and saying,’ Thou Son of David, have mercy on us’. And again we can find it in- Matthew 12:23.

The Second name that we see in the genealogy is of ‘Abraham’.

Abraham was the first Judaist.

He was told that Christ the Saviour will come. (Genesis 22:18)

Genesis 3:15 states that a Saviour will come through a woman.

We can observe four names of women in this genealogy. If we see, there are no names of women in any genealogy because a generation is followed or continued by a man.

Generation of Adam. (Genesis chapter 5.)

Generation of Cain. (Genesis 17:22)

Generation of Sons of Noah (Genesis 10:1-32) 






Rahab- (Joshua 2:1-2 and Matthew 1:5)

Rahab was a prostitute; she was a sinner and was a Gentile. She did not know about God, but when she heard that the God of Joshua is a Living God. (Joshua 2:11), she confessed that the God of Israelites is a living and a true God. She was chosen to be with God’s people at the time of the war of Jericho to help the Israelites. 

Because she confessed that the God of Israel is a true God she received a place among the people of Israel . She became a part of blessings which Israel received and was also blessed by receiving a place in the Genealogy of Jesus.

Ruth- Meaning:-Graceful

Ruth was a Moabite; she was a Gentile worshipping idols (Matthew 2:5)

Ruth had lost her husband.

Naomi had told her sisters to go to their respective countries and get married and live a happy life. But Ruth did not listen to Naomi and said that she would not leave the Lord of Israel and go. (Ruth 1:6-18).

If we see Ruth, she had lost everything. When she came towards the people of God, she did not get anything in fact, everything that she had was not proper, but still accepted the greatness of the Lord of Israel.

The lives of these two women show that it was enough that Jesus died for my sins and be risen again and because of this I have the right to be called the daughter of the Living God.

Rahab chose to accept God and because of this Salvation which she received, blessings would come in her family.

Ruth had lost everything and inspite of that she saw how God had punished both

Naomi and her family. She lost her husband and both the sons but still she accepted God.

Moabites and Israelites were both enemies to each other. Moab was small in the eyes of Israel . But inspite of that, a King was born from the generation of Ruth. 

Ruth was King David’s grandmother.

My Brothers and Sisters, it depends on you what you choose. Your decision

To chose and accept the Living God can bring Salvation and Blessings in your family. Forget about everything what happened uptil now but if you accept Jesus as your Saviour, He will surely bring Salvation to your family.

Tamar-Meaning ‘Strength’

Tamar was a daughter of one Jude, who was from one of the 12 Tribes.

She was a Canaanite. She had lost her husband. She had no children.

Her Father-in-law had deceived her. She never took any wrong 

Step but always fought for her right.

Bethsheba-Meaning:-Beth:-Daughter of

Sheba :-abundance, plenty 

Beautiful grand daughter, shrewd military and political counselor of David

She had sinned against her husband. 

daughter of Eliam, a member of a warrior group called the Thirty

wife of Uriah, also one of the Thirty and a high ranked professional soldier.

she was a good mother, because Solomon had the best character among David’s children. He was a beloved of God

Maybe she also repented along with David about what she did and because of that she received a place in the Genealogy of Jesus 

All these three courses will help to grow in the word of God so that you can fight the battle against devil.

As Jesus used the Word of God to rebuke and answer devil while he was being tempted, In the same way we also want our people to be 
well equipped with the Word of God, so that when they face the wiles of the devil, who is cunning in every way, waiting to whom he may devour, may be 
able to withstand his destructive ways and intentions.

These three courses will help you through and armour you against the wars of the evil one. If you so desire to get this material do write to us at the given address or you may even email us on contact@acts-foundation.org We encourage you to subscribe these courses and enjoy the Power of God’s mighty Word in your life.


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