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Sis. Shalini Kurlapkar ( Satara )

On 05.01.2010, my mother, Smt. Shalini Madhukar Kurlapkar was admitted in Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune, for severe Pancreatitis. The doctors opined that due to higher age factor (her age is 70 years completed), the prognosis is not very satisfactory. On one sunday, I attended the PH Church and offered a prayer request for the health of my mother. I was very much amazed and overwhelmed to see the whole Church pray fervently and with Christ's compassion for the complete recovery of my mother. And praise be to God Almighty alone for, from that day my mother showed marked improvement in her health. The medicines worked and by the infinite grace and mercy of our God alone, my mother is today completely healed. Praise be to God ! In the month of February, by God's grace, my mother has undergone Endoscopy in DM Hospital and now she is perfectly healed by the Word of God. Truly, myself along with my family members want to thank God and the Potters House Church members for their prayer support. I especially thank dear brother Mohandas, Sis. Mrunalini, Johnson Sanglikar and all who have upheld us in their prayers while we were going through most difficult times. I thank God for the Potters House Church and their ministry for the furtherance of God's kingdom. May God bless this ministry to His Glory alone. 

Thank you once again, Your's in Christ, Madhuri Kurlapkar & family, Satara

Bro. Pavan Mhaske

A small boy of 3 years was playing on the terrace of a 3 storied building along with his friends. While playing suddenly this little boy lost his control and fell off the 3rd floor. The ground where he fell was cemented; also there was a water storage tank nearby with no lid on it. He was immediately taken to the hospital where doctor said that it is difficult to say whether this child would live or not. He was kept under observation for 72 hours by the doctors. Only a miracle could save his life. Nothing is too hard for the Lord Jesus Christ. In this situation his parents came to the feet of Jesus and the emergency prayer request is given in the church where church got together and prayed for his recovery. While praying, God prophesied through Rev. Vinay that Pavan will live for glory of God. God miraculously saved this little boyís life with minor injuries, just as God promised that he will send his angles to take charge over us, Glory be to God!!!

Grandson of Sis. Khude

The child that you see in the photograph was not the same a few months back. With baby in her arms, the mother rushed to the church office, crying out for her child as he had turned absolutely blue. She came to the church and narrated to Rev. about what happened to the baby. The doctor had said that the babyís condition is serious and they donít know whether the baby will be saved or not. While praying, God reveled to Rev. Vinay that nothing will harm this child. Our God, who is able to change all reports, changed this babyís reports too. And today, by Godís grace this little child is living a healthy life and growing well. Glory be to God who can change reports and heal the sick!!!

Sis. Shirshat

Sis. Shirsath was possessed of evil spirit for many years. She would go to different places to be delivered but nothing could deliver her. One day as she came to Saturday Blessing Meeting, the evil spirit started tormenting her and forcing her to go out of the Church. The evil spirit continued to torment her. Finally she came to meet Rev. at his office and requested him to pray for her. When Rev. Vinay started praying, the evil spirit started manifesting. As Man of God prayed for her with the authority and rebuked the devil. By Godís amazing Grace and unfailing love she is been delivered from the evil spirit. Praise be God for he delivers us from all evil!!!

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