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Reason for the Season “THE KING IS BORN”

Many people have reason to celebrate Christmas is to eat, drink and buying new cloths. But the good news is that Jesus Christ was born with the reason, to give salvation to the people who are still living in the sin and darkness of this world. I believe that Jesus Christ should be born in our life in a new way so that we can understand his purpose of coming in this world. The Christmas programme has begun on 1st of December. Pastors and leaders are visiting families of Potters’ House Church to Hunt the hidden talent. People participated in this programme and showed their talents by singing, playing musical instruments, preaching and enacting some skit before the Pastors and leaders. Truly we had wonderful time with every church family for the reason that the “King (Jesus Christ) is Born."


Youth Rally - 2nd Oct 2009

A dynamic Youth Rally was conducted on 2nd Oct 2009. Around 120 youth from different parts of Pune, with different background had attended the Rally. The life of many youngsters have been changed after hearing dynamic and life changing messages by Rev. Rohit Bhosale and Pas. Smita. Many youth experienced Gods mighty power & anointing of the Holy Spirit in their life.  

They were in tears when they were being prayed and counseled through the Word of God. They received new direction & hope in their lives.

Psalm 103:5 says “Who satisfies thy mouth with good things, so that thy youth is renewed like the EAGLES.”  



Fire Camp 2009 from 19 - 21st Oct

A National event was organized in the month of October for Pastors and Leaders. The main objective of this camp is to develop Leaders and Pastors from different denomation and churches, also to come under one roof with an objective to serve the Lord. Around 850-900 people attended this Fire Camp from all over India. First time people from outside India have attended the fire camp. Many leaders from Nepal came and enriched in the Word of God. People from 13 different states, around 50 different cities & 103 different churches were gathered under one roof and banner, which is Jesus Christ

Rev. Vinay Dube led by the Holy Spirit to preach the word of God with Power and Authority, changing every life, speaking to every soul and breaking every heart. The important messages were given on subjects like “Holy Spirit, Called & Appointed, God Choose the weaker instruments”.

Many Pastors and Leaders received God’s divine plan and new vision for their ministries and their individual life.

I thank the Lord for the work of the Holy Sprit.

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