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For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light.  Eph 5:8

Lord Jesus has given me this burden to share His work and the power of His Holy Spirit which is taking place these days. Can anyone flee from His presence (Psalms 139: 7); even Adam and Eve couldn’t hide their nakedness from His presence.

From the beginning itself I was experiencing the presence of Holy Spirit in our ministry. In the beginning of year 2009, God gave a vision “To Walk in the Light”. Now the time has come that people of God will come out of darkness, out of wrong things, out of sin and addictions and walk in the light.

During this year in different areas of our ministry we saw the life of people changing. Satan cannot destroy our life. Now the time has come that we should go into the enemies’ camp and take back our happiness, peace, healing, blessing and salvation which God had given to us in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

God doesn’t want that we surrender our life to Satan. Friends the victory belongs to us. And greater is He who is inside us than that who is in the world. Believe me my Jesus will never put you to shame. He says in Matt 11:28 “Come unto me all ye that labor and heavy leaden, and I will give you rest”. God desires from you in this year that you should walk in the His light.

At the end of this year I would like to question you, examine yourself that where are you walking today? Many people are walking in wrong counsel, walking in sins, walking in the worldly things. As it is written in Psalms 1:1 “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly”... At the end of this year the important moment has come for us to take a very important decision in our life, where should I walk? Whether to walk in the darkness with Satan or to walk in the light. Not only we should walk in the light but also make others to walk in the light who are in the darkness. In the gospel of Matthew from chapter 5 to 7 in which Jesus Christ gave the biggest sermon on the mountain where he said very clearly and gave the aim of our life “You are the light of the world” (Matt 5:4).

Friends this year we need to take a decision that we will walk in the light and also show light to others who are in the darkness. I remember a true story of a man who’s name was Benjamin Franklin, who lived in a small city of Philadelphia . In this city his house was situated in front of a rough and narrow road. During those days when there were no street lights, the road passing in front of Benjamin Franklin’s house had many pot holes. In the night because of darkness and no lights on the road people used to stumble and fall in those pot holes and get hurt. Benjamin Franklin used to watch this from His house and used to feel very bad for those people. In his heart he used to think I see this people falling and getting hurt but still I cannot do anything for them. It happened so that one day he got a plan in his mind that he will put a pillar in front of his house with a lamp on it which will give light to the people and save them from stumbling and falling down in pot holes.

And according to his plan he put a pillar in front of his house. Benjamin Franklin was happy now that people will no more falls in the pot holes and it happened so. People who passed that way saw the light coming from lamp and because of that did not stumble and fall in the pot holes.

This thing went on for few days and Benjamin Franklin was happy now. But suddenly people started envying him and threw stones at the lamp and broke it. But these things didn’t stop Benjamin Franklin he repaired the lamp and put it back again. Again the people threw stones at the lamp and broke it but Benjamin Franklin never gave up, he repaired the lamp again and again and put it back. Now the heart of the people began to change, they stopped throwing stones at the lamp. Within few days even the neighbors liked this plan and they too started putting lamps in front of their own houses. With in few days the street had light on the road and people from other area started following the same and slowly the whole city of Philadelphia was lightened up with lamps. The news spread across whole America and the country was lightened with lamps. This thought of Benjamin Franklin lead to the discovery of street light. Today the street light we see on roads is only because of Benjamin Franklin.

Friends just think if one Benjamin Franklin can bring light in the whole world, in the same way you and I can do it; as Jesus said “You are the light of this world, like a city situated on the mountains cannot be hidden”. In the same way if we walk in the light and if we have the light within us then we will surely not be hidden. In coming days we will not be only walking in the light but lightening the lives of people who are in the darkness.

                                                                                                                                 -Rev. Vinay Dube

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