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Counselling / Jethro

Just as Jethro, the father-in-law of Moses, advised and counseled Moses to solve the problems of the people, the Ministry got this revelation from this extract. Through Jethro ministries people from various fields have sought help and have been counseled accordingly. Through prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Families on the verge of breakup, have been counseled and now they are reunited under the Blood of Jesus Christ and are enjoying the love, Joy & Peace in their life. We thank Jesus Christ for answering prayers.

 Through Jethro Ministry, people who are dejected in their life and rejected in the family and society because of their unaccepted behavior and wrong attitude; but by the grace of God and the Love of Jesus has change their lives and now they are committed to Lord Jesus Christ and encouraged to work for the Glory of God. Some of them have become a powerful and fruitful Servant of Jesus Christ in the State of Maharashtra . May God Bless their Ministries!

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